A wedding caterer: Why are they as important as the wedding itself!

A wedding caterer: Why are they as important as the wedding itself!

While love is the food fuelling the beautiful union of two souls in the form of a wedding, it’s the food at your wedding that fuels the tone and vibe of the day for your guests. After all, who wants their wedding day to be a memorable one with their friends and family, for all the wrong reasons; one of them being average food leaving your guests unimpressed! This is a very important reason why your Wedding Caterer is as important as your Wedding Ceremony itself.

Anyone who is ready to walk down the aisle would know that feeling of ‘butterflies in your stomach’ when it comes to planning a flawless wedding day. Amongst all the aspects; the invitations to décor, ensuring your gusts are looked after, party favours, vows and speeches, perhaps the most vivid and nerve wrecking is your wedding catering!

So why do you need to hire a Wedding Caterer? Whilst DIY can be the general principle you abide by, certain moments and occasions in life are in fact larger than life so best to leave somethings to the professionals to ensure your day is streamlined to perfection (and of course the food)

  • Catering for guests with special needs

As opposed to DIY, an experienced and professional Wedding Caterer would be able to accommodate to the special needs your guests such as dietary requirements, food allergies or even provide for delectable menu options to impress the vegan guests.

  • Enjoy the experience

With practice comes perfection! And a good wedding caterer may have both whilst you may have none! So it’s wise to simply take a step back and actually enjoy your wedding planning process and the day itself. Hiring a wedding catering company that can offer you a one-stop shop and look after all your needs is ideal; that way you save yourself the effort and not to mention, the stress of having to deal with multiple suppliers. Your wedding caterers being experts, would know the right people to talk to, how to get the best prices, what should (and shouldn’t) be in a contract, and how to ensure that every single detail is prepared for your big day.

  • Appease and please your guest’s palettes

If you are having a multi-cultural wedding or expect guests from multiple cultural backgrounds, food plays a very important role in making everyone feel welcome and included in your wedding so trying to DIY different types of foods can be not just time consuming but challenging too if your aim is to deliver exquisite food sure to impress even the most discerning palettes. This is where a dedicated wedding caterer can assist in ensuring your desire to exhibit a range of food and menu options are well met and presented.

  • A destination wedding

If you are having a destination wedding, choosing to employ a wedding cater is not just a wise call but definitely a sound investment! Trying to organise suppliers in a new location or market can be challenging with endless research, details to remember, payments to make and so on which aren’t so much fun but are very necessary. This is where a local and experienced wedding caterer would be worth their weight in gold and actually ‘get things done’ on your behalf.

  • Resources: Time and Money

You may think hiring a Wedding Caterer is more a ‘want’ based decision as opposed to a ‘need’ but this is really as far from the truth as possible! Food is a big element of any wedding and so are the dishes, rather than spending time entertaining your wedding guests or enjoying your first dance or that fun photo shoot session, can you imagine the time a waste in the kitchen?

  • Giving professional advice

Wedding caterers are experts in what they do best; handcrafting edible masterpieces everyday so you can expect professional advice from them when it comes to ensuring your day is magical and food irresistible! Little tips and tricks on how best to accessorize the food and impeccable presentation skills to leave your guests impresses, are just some things your wedding caterer can help with apart from helping you choose that perfect menu!

We hope you find the information presented in this blog useful and that it assists you in making an informed decision for the food that is presented on the table at your wedding. If you are planning a Wedding in Sydney or surrounds then be sure to get in touch with Top Cat Catering. We are a leading Catering Company based in Sydney with 40 years Industry experience.


We specialise in: Wedding Catering, Corporate Catering or Events Catering (Finger Food catering), you name it and we have done it all! What’s more? We can help you with your wedding right from the start to the end.


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