Choosing your wedding reception venue; but how?

Choosing your wedding reception venue; but how?

Nothing could be more heart-warming and romantic than two souls coming together in perfect unison to celebrate their love and commitment towards one another. The moment you decide to tie the knot, the road ahead will be, at the very least full of excitement and exhilaration but one that can be nerve wrecking too; especially when it comes to planning the Big Day and the Wedding Reception!

So whilst choosing a wedding reception venue seems deceptively simple, it’s really no easy feat! With a plethora of options available to suit even the most discerning brides, don’t just settle for anything but the best with our nifty little guide on what to look for in your ‘perfect’ wedding reception venue:

The Big Date and Venue availability

The first and foremost consideration should be to determine the date of your wedding and whether or not the reception venue you have in mind would be available for that date and time. Also how many other weddings or wedding receptions are due to be held at your venue of choice on the same day? It might be wise to consider a few tentative wedding dates where possible if you absolutely must choose the venue of your dreams!

Wedding Reception venue size

The size of the wedding reception venue that you wish to pick would ultimately depend on the size of your guest list! Choosing a wedding reception venue slightly larger than you would require in reality, is always a practical idea especially when you consider wedding essentials—tables, chairs, a buffet, a bar, the band or DJ setup, and the dance floor. An empty venue space would always look bigger so where possible, try to assess the size of your site by attending another wedding of similar size to yours.

Wedding Reception Venue T’s &C’s

The boring stuff no one wants to deal with! Some venues may charge different rates for different days and times for instance Friday, Saturday, and Sunday being traditionally more popular days to get hitched may attract higher charges. Don’t shy away from asking the awkward questions; what the payment schedules are, does the wedding reception venue offer any discounts for off-season date or Sunday through Friday? What’s included in the charges and any hidden costs that might sneak up on you later like service charge, gratuity, cleaning fees, or overtime charges?What about deposits, cancellation polices and changes of date’s policies? Does your wedding reception venue have liability insurance?

Wedding Reception Venue Styles

You need to ensure the wedding venue you decide to choose resonates well with your overall wedding theme! Whether you opt for a modern, vintage, country, rustic, or beach wedding, your choice of venue should be reflective of your style and flexible to accommodate for the lil’ personal touches that you may wish to include!

Wedding Reception Venue Logistics

  • Sound

If music is the food for life, then your wedding reception can’t be lacking this special ingredient! Enquire your wedding reception venue’s policies on noise restrictions; can the venue cater for sound equipment, microphones and speakers or would you need to supply these? Can the wedding reception venue accommodate a DJ or live band and if there is enough room for them to set up comfortably? How large and practical can the dance floor be? A fact less considered by many; what is the room’s quality; a tile or wood floor will amplify sounds while a thick carpet will tend to muffle them.

  • Decor and lighting

Is your wedding reception venue flexible to allow you to move things around and decorate as you please? What are the decoration guidelines? Is your wedding reception venue designed in a way that for a day wedding it will be sun drenched and for an evening affair; offer a romantic setting with controlled lighting for different times to accentuate your nuptial affair!

  • Staffing and coordination

Does your favourite wedding reception venue offer an on-site venue coordinator as a go to person for all your needs on the day? And what sort of charges can you expect if at all with this service?

Wedding Reception Venue facilities and services

  • Facilities and services

Does your favourite wedding reception venue offer a cloakroom? What about a dressing and changing area for the bridal party? Or a space to store wedding gifts?

  • Parking and Transportation

Does your wedding reception venue of choice offer ample parking options? What about Valet Parking? Is the venue disabled friendly for parking? What are the public transport options to and from the venue? Are cabs easily accessible from the venue?

  • Misc. factors equally important

Ask about how many restrooms are available at the wedding reception venue and whether they are disabled friendly (where applicable); an ideal scenario shouldbe at least 4 restrooms per 100 people. Is the venue child friendly with a separate play area to keep the littlies entertained? What about security; does the venue offer security services or would you need to hire them?

Vendors, food, and rentals

Does your wedding reception venue have an in-house caterer or list of caterers that you must choose from that you must use or are they flexible for you to bring in your own preferred wedding caterer? If you choose to opt for the In house caterers of the reception wedding venue, can you do a taste test? Do they cater to dietary requirements?

If you choose to bring your own caterers; can the wedding reception venue be flexible to allow you to set up early? What Kitchen facilities can you expect? Likewise for the cake, does the wedding reception venue flexible for you to bring in a cake from an outside baker and does this attract any cake-cutting fee?

Does your wedding venue have a liquor license or are you allowed to bring in your own liquor with or without attracting a corkage fee? Is there a bar minimum that must be met before the conclusion of the event?

Does the wedding reception venue cater for tables, linens, chairs, plates, silverware, and glassware?

Wedding Reception Venue Accommodation options

Only applicable where you may have guest from interstate or overseas coming in to be a part of your celebrations. Check with your wedding reception venue what accommodation options they have or can assist you with; Are there any suites or private rooms available or do they have a partnership with nearby hotels that are easy to get to and from the reception. Are there any discounts offered for booking multiple rooms?

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