Christening Catering Ideas

Christening Catering Ideas

Hosting a beautifully and memorable Christening ceremony or christening party is one of those joyous occasions in life that most people will experience only a couple of times. The success and sweet memories of your christening event will depend on the creativity and imagination of the hosts and this includes the kitchen and what comes out of there. So with all the hard work that goes in planning a celebration of a new life, its best to leave the catering side if things to the professionals so you can sit back, take a deep breath and really live in the moment!

Some christening catering ideas to consider to make your party truly spectacular:

A ‘formal sit down’ Affair to remember

Similar to a wedding party, this sit down table option will involve a table seating plan where guests are served individually and often a three course meal. You could consider making this a bit less formal by having more casual open seating with the main course being a self-service buffet either hot or cold.

Fork buffet

An ideal semi-formal option for gatherings with limited seating options or space as this will include food ideas that can be easily eaten with a fork and without a knife!

Finger Food Buffet

An informal catering idea that’s not only perfect for small spaces but can cater well to small children or standing gusts as well as your budget! The types of food popular at christening events include hot or cold bite-size hors d’oeuvres quiches, cold pies, pastries, cakes, fruit and small sandwiches.

Afternoon Tea

An evergreen classic! Include foods like sandwiches, scones, cakes and pastries. Another idea to add a bit of fun and charm is to include a lolly buffet where guests can choose from a variety of novel lollies!


A more relaxed, social, contemporary and casual christening party celebration becoming more and more common with younger couples with barbeque and roasts as popular food choices as are sliced, cold BBQ chickens or deli meats served with an array of salads and bread rolls.

A breakfast Idea!

If your christening party will be at noon, a twist on the traditional b buffet lunch is hosting a breakfast brunch! Delicate quiches to be served cold and a praline French toast casserole along with garlic cheese grits, variety of muffins, hot buns with the baby’s initials baked in, lemon squares, coconut cookies or fruit and cream puddings, chocolate-dipped strawberries, and a delicate fruit salad can be a sure winner!

The All-important Cake!

The centrepiece of any celebration, ask your caterers to design not only a delicious cake but one that is visually appealing too! Whether you would like a novelty cake or more of a traditional design, the options are endless. Popular choices for Christening cakes include teddy bears, baby blocks (spelling the child’s name), sugar booties, and animals designs. For a more traditional cake, choose a flowery theme using pastel and white frosting.A special family heirloom or keepsake can be incorporated into the design to create a unique cake. For If you’d hand-held desserts, consider using a cupcake tower instead of the cake.

Hope you find these ideas useful. This blog was pieced together by Top Cat Catering a catering company in Sydney specialising in Weddings, Christenings and Birthdays. If you are planning a Christening Party then get in touch with us to discuss further.

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