Planning an Engagement Party

Planning an Engagement Party

1. Make a guest list and send out invitations

Planning an Engagement Party can be just as much fun and special as the occasion itself if done right. As etiquette would have it, traditionally, a guest list for the engagement party should be limited to the members of your family and close friends that are going to attend the wedding. Depending on how formal or casual you would like to treat the affair, invitations can take many shapes and forms; phone, email, sending our RSVP cards or even professionally designed and created bespokepaper invitations accompanied with a signature keepsake. Whatever your preference to best reflect your personality, remember, timing is everything! Be sure to arrange for invitations to be sent at least a couple of months before the actual ceremony, giving guests enough time and notice to make appropriate arrangements.

Making a guest list might be a good idea to segregate between friend as and acquaintances especially if you are budget conscious or would like to keep your engagement party small, private and intimate.

2. Choosing a Venue

Traditionally, planning an engagement party is done by the bride and bride’s parents and is held in their home. Howeverwith changing times, busier schedules and working couples many choose to throw a party in their own home or an outside venue. A lovely garden party on a Sunday afternoon maybe a great idea, especially for friends with young families or an elegant high tea party or a relaxed casual barbecue in your own garden or a more formal black tie cocktail party at a beautiful venue can all work depending on the type of celebration you would like to have for the occasion.

3. Think about Decorations

Planning a beautiful engagement party is one thing and making sure it’s executed well, is a whole other game. Your occasion will be as special as you decorate it so make sure your venue reflects your personality and style in every sense. Lush flower decorations, candles, sea shells, or even theme decorations can make your affair look and feel grand or intimate and beautiful. Choose a theme and colours that are completely different from your wedding reception decor. It is a good idea to create a contrast, so if you are having a traditional wedding with white ornaments, you can go a little crazy with your engagement bash and make it a colourful affair. Get inspired by pop art, vintage 1960s design, art deco posters or anything that involves bright hues.

4. Your Menu

If your engagement party isn’t a formal sit-down style dinner, the menu can be quite simple yet innovative, fresh and fun. You can have a finger food set up for a high tea occasion or organise a lavish buffet for a more formal black tie event or cocktail party, set up a barbecue or set a theme for food such as Thai or Chinese and order some light dishes and snacks for guests.

The rules for drinks are similar. From tea and coffee to lemonade and fruit cocktails and wines of your choice should depend on the type of food you will be serving. And don’t forget that champagne is a must. You can open it to make a toast and officially announce your engagement. Let the party begin!

5. Party timeline

According to tradition, the father of the bride should make the first toast and officially announce the engagement. After that the couple can thank their guests for coming to the party and perhaps speak about how they met, before they open up the floor to other family members and friends. This is the perfect timing for taking family photos and exchanging small gifts.

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