The Beginners Guide to Corporate Catering- Choosing the right corporate caterer for your next event

The Beginners Guide to Corporate Catering- Choosing the right corporate caterer for your next event

Whether it’s for team bonding sessions, client meetings, conferences, seminars, Office Lunches or a corporate cocktail reception, planning a corporate event comes with its fair share of stresses! An unfortunate by-product of the enormity of corporate office events planning is catering! With a plethora of caterers in the market claiming to be ‘Specialist Corporate Caterers’, how do you decide the best one for your corporate event? What kind of catering do you choose? And what products and service can you expect in your budget? No-one should ever have to choose between hors d’oeuvres and deadlines!

So here’s your beginners guide to office or corporate catering!

Sustainable eating!

If supporting green and sustainably sourced produce and food is a philosophy for your business, try to source a corporate catering company that can craft creative and innovative menus and packaging for your corporate catering requirement. Most well experienced corporate catering companies can create dishes using organic and in-season ingredients sourced locally.

Healthy Gourmet

Let’s face it; rich fat laden foods might be high on flavour but definitely counter-productive bringing on the ‘three thirtyitis’ much sooner! So speak to your office catering specialist to whip up some nourishing, light and energising yet flavoursome dishes that don’t really require a side of napping! A simple veggie tray can be transformed to crudities with an attractive presentation and dips such as rather than a tray of lunch meats or have your corporate catering specialist prepare a variety of finger sandwiches or wraps with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Any experienced corporate caterer should be able to create exotic or unconventional, vegetable or fruit combinations for an unusual, but yummy healthy treat.

Go Global

Planning your catering with an international selection of dishes is an exciting option. Depending on the size of your staff and the venue, ask your corporate catering specialist if they can cater with different food stations in which each area represents a different continent or country. Showcasing a variety of different dishes from around the world in a buffet style serving or choosing a country to base your entire event menu on could be a popular and budget friendly idea!

Themed catering

Themed corporate events are always fun and exciting so taking it a step further with themed food will definitely be a crowd pleaser. Check with your corporate caterer whether they can cater specific to your theme and food requirements. The sky’s the limit with a themed catering job; e.g.: you could incorporate the company’s logo or colour scheme into your food. If you would like a selection of different cuisines for your corporate event, speak with your corporate caterer on flavour combinations and dishes that work well together to avoid ending up with a disjointed menu. Good office catering companies will be able to tweak popular dishes to make it more suitable for your event.

The Taste Test

Any good office catering company would only be too happy to indulge you in a taste test of your menu prior to the event. Tasting is beneficial to your corporate catering company as well, as it provides valuable insight and feedback on their dishes to make it more suitable for your guests in terms of spice tolerance, dietary requirements etc.

Offering high quality refreshments and food choices should be high on the list of any good and experienced corporate caterer for your next corporate event.

Hope you find this information useful for planning the menu for your next corporate catering event. If you are a Sydney based company looking for a corporate catering provider then get in touch with Top Cat Catering. We are a family owned business with more than 30 years of experience in the catering and event management Industry. Some of the companies we have catered to include  Channel 9, Raine & Horne, Fox Studios, Medtronic, Disney, Seafolly , Australian National Boxing Federation, Unions NSW, Fulton Hogan.

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