Tips for organising a wedding or a special occasion

Tips for organising a wedding or a special occasion

To make sure your guests are having just as much fun as you celebrating your special occasion, check out some great tips, tricks and suggestions from the Top Cat Events Team sure to impress guests of all ages.

1. Photo booth

A photo Booth is often one of those sure to impress fun things to have at your even but all too often forgotten.A fantastic way for guests to entertain themselves whilst creating wonderful and quirky memories of your special day. Providing a box of dress-up hats and props like silly glasses and moustaches can add that extra bit of fun and bring out the inner child in all your guests. The photos can be instantly e-mailed, projected onto the walls of the venue, shared on Facebook and Twitter and used to create a wedding guestbook. (Top Cat Team have a fantastic photo booth Company that is Eco Friendly….SAVING TREES)

2. Don’t Let the Speech’s Drag

Whilst we all love to hear and share stories and special moments and memories, howmuch is too much? And in the case of Weddings, how long is too long? When it comes to wedding speeches, it’s not just what you say but how long you take to say it matters too. So keep it short and sweet!

3. Remember to Always Thank Your Guests for Coming

It’s important to let your guests knows how much you appreciate them coming to your Wedding Day. Make sure either yourself or your partner get up and thank everyone butagain as the rule with speeches, keep it short and sweet! It may also be a good idea to personally thank each one of your guests after the wedding by way of sending across a sweet little thank you note.

4. Surprise your guests

Why not hire a group of singers or dancers disguised as wait staff to break out into song or dance during dinner? Super FUN way to add some Spark, or you and the groom could perform a dance routine yourselves for the first dance. It will really get the crowd going.

5. Go Through the Song List

To ensure everyone is having a great time dancing the night away, make sure you send the DJ your favorite songs. The right kind of music to grace the occasion and theme of the wedding can make all the difference! Choosing the right kind of music can really define the mood of the wedding. But don’t forget to add a few songs from the 90’s they always get the crowd up and dancing.

6. Hire a Great Band or DJ

A DJ or Bandis just as important as the music itself. Try to find someone who has a great following and referrals as you must research it will pay off in the end. (Top Cat has a few Dj’s that are perfect for keeping the crowd going).

7. Provide Transportation

If you’re hosting a destination wedding or your wedding is in a remote location, be sure to provide transportation for guests from their hotel to your wedding and back. Top Cat Catering is a Sydney based catering company specialising in Weddings, Engagements, Birthdays Corporate Events and more. Get in touch today to find out more about our catering packages.

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