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Wedding Planning


So you have decided to take a plunge and have a date in mind. Wedding Planning is the next big thing on your mind. Wedding Planning includes choosing a venue, finding the right wedding caterer after a few rounds of tasting, preparing a guest list, choosing the wedding attire, booking in a photographer and the list goes on. All this can leave you totally exhausted by your wedding day. Well not so much if you have the right wedding planner by your side. Top Cat Catering offers end to end services to its clients. From planning the big day to execution, we will be by your side all throughout the process. With more than 30 years of experience under our belt we can make the whole wedding planning process as smooth as possible so that you can truly enjoy your wedding day without any worries on the back of your mind. We have an in-house team of Wedding Planners, Event Managers, Chef’s and Decor & Styling experts who work closely with each other to execute the event in true Top Cat Catering Style.

We also have access to some of the most stunning venues in Sydney. For more information on our wedding venues please click here. 

If you are interested in our Wedding Planning services then get in touch with us today at our Sydney Office and have a chat with our team on 0418 862 666

Some of the key aspects you need to look at while planning a wedding

Easy Access

Location is the key. You and your guests need to be able to get to the venue easily, without worrying about parking, transport and other such hassles. Our Horizons has a public car park that is located down the south end of the iconic South Maroubra Beach. You can have the most beautiful outdoor location in the world, but it doesn’t do your guests any good if they have to park five miles away, hence why this venue is absolutely perfect for those larger functions as parking issues are never a problem.

Event Management

Organising, planning and scheduling is a big part of the wedding planning process. The way functions are managed up to the date are always the key to the success. One thing about Top Cat, is we are wedding event management specialists. We carefully guide you through the entire process and help to craft your perfect setting for the perfect day. Your personal events coordinator will assist on answering any queries regarding the process and be by your side on the big day.

Music and Audio

Music is always a major part in the party. Everyone loves good music, so be sure to hire someone that everyone loves to dance too. Audio is a very important aspect of wedding protocols. During speeches, clear sounding microphones are essential for wedding videos and Kodak moments. The Horizons wedding beach venue has state of the art duo microphone system and in house surround sound system and drop down projector screens to play wedding videos or international skype video calls.

Your guests want good music, and they want to be able to hear wedding speeches clearly. So you must choose a venue suitably equipped with a quality music system and microphone. It is also traditional for the bride and groom to have their first dance, so choose appropriate music. Dance floor space is a must!


Many of your guests will be nicely dressed and will want to check their hair and do their makeup, or they may want to use other facilities. Venues that have clean, fresh and roomie toilet amenities are always important to guests. Horizons beach venue has private lift access and large disabled toilet which is all wheelchair accessible and perfect for those bridal party make up touch ups.


Remember simplicity is key! Depending on the setting, the perfect venue is usually enough. Our beach side waterfront venue is the perfect location and perfect outlook that doesn’t require anything over the top to decorate the room. We also have in house decoration and styling team that can guide you through creating the perfect setting and showing you what décor items work best fit for this beautiful ocean front venue.

If you are interested in our Wedding Planning services then get in touch with us today at our Sydney Office and have a chat with our team on 0418 862 666

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